We are a firm dedicated to enable companies to untap the potential of artificial intelligence solutions.

We believe that solving the world's hardest problems requires flexibility and an insane amount of curiosity and focus.

Our team of PhDs and world-class data scientists allow us to impact our client results fast. We are committed to bring futuristic technologies such Neural Network, Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning into daily life and into our client’s processes. We make our audit and proposal within weeks after the initial consultation. Usually our first proof of concept prototype is ready within a month.



Our leadership team spans 3 continents and we are proud to have development teams in UK, Italy and India (yes, we are constantly hiring click here ).

Andrea IsoniDirector

PhD, Worked in many companies developing machine learning solutions from concept to production deployment. Author of the book 'Machine Learning for the Web' in English, Chinese and Korean.

Edgar Garcia TrevinoAssociate

PhD, Experienced data scientist who has worked for international corporates R&D departments mainly in energy and education industries. He is a senior consultant in data science for the Mexican government.

Mario MuredduAssociate

PhD, Physicist who has worked in machine learning research projects for more than 5 years. He specialized in the field of complex networks primarely for the finance and the energy industries.

How can we help you?

Email: contact@aitechnologies.co